Thursday, September 29, 2011

ch’emi ojakhi

I was very nervous about what my host family was going to be like.  I had been informed about  how overprotective some families could be of their female members and was really in no mood being followed around by a male member of the family at all times.  

My host family is incredible! I was not expecting to fit in as easily and seamlessly as I did. They are kind, modern and very liberal to Georgian standards.  I live with 5 people.

Marina is my host mom/aunt :) She is 53 years old and super nice.  She works a lot and is hardly ever home but when she is, she is sure to get lots of love from me because she deserves it!  She basically supports everyone.  Superwoman to say the least.

Giorgi is her son.  He is 27.  He works with his mom.  He is rarely at home as well.

Natia is his wife.  She is 24 and super cool.  She is currently a stay at home mom with her one month old son, mini Giorgi :) It is so awesome being in a house with a baby seeing as I have never been in situation whereby I was around a baby so this is for sure a new experience.  He is a super awesome baby too-- doesn't cry too much.  Sleeps through the night.  I'm telling you I was blessed with this awesome family! 

Murman is 24 and my entertainment.  He is Giorgi's first cousin.  Murman's mum passed away in 2002 from cancer and he has been living with Marina (his aunt) ever since. He spends most of his free time in Tbilisi. He loves to dance, sing and just all round be a lovable diva.

Xaatia is 15 and is Marina's grand daughter. Her mum lives in Turkey. 

The first morning I was here, I awoke to music coming from downstairs. Duck Sauce's Barbara Streisand was playing and I knew at that moment that I was home. To all those that know me well, they know that that song is my jam! To all those that don't know the song, please get out from under the rock you've been living in.

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