Friday, January 27, 2012

Return to the RU

I got back on Wednesday and pretty much spent the entire day sleeping—except for 3 hours which were used for unpacking and taking a hot bath in the Jacuzzi tub.  It feels very strange to be here. The first time around I was filled with excitement and wonder as I knew nothing and no one.  Now, I am missing Toronto and everyone in it. Ugh. I know this feeling is going to go away but it sucks while you’re experiencing it.  Next week is February… I cannot believe a month has gone by in 2012.  Seriously though, where does time go? I wonder if it is recycled in some near yet distant universe.  I’m having an issue with my Geocell phone as I can’t text and lord knows I hate actually hearing peoples voices!  I’m going to have to go to one of their branches and get this shit sorted out.

I really can’t wait to get back into the swing of things with school and friends—kind of. Ugh. I’m in a weird mood probably because I had weird dreams / nightmares last night; I don’t understand how it is pretty much the same types of nightmares every time! It’s always me running away from someone who is trying to kill me. ALWAYS. They never do end up killing me but it’s the running and hiding in darkness that really freaks me out.  I legit get scared when I watch Snow White or Beauty and the Beast so imagine how scared I am when it’s not a cartoon on the TV but a psychopath with a knife or gun in my head.

I started watching Lord of the Rings seeing as I don’t have school until Monday, my phone is crazy and the net is dead for a few days (apparently someone broke the modem). The movies are super long! I’m currently halfway through the second film and every couple of minutes that weird creature keeps saying Gollum, Gollum, Gollum and I can’t stop laughing.  Once again this damn time difference is killing me! Woke up at 6am today, fell back asleep around 11 and woke up at 6 in the afternoon. I wanna get outta the house tomorrow and get a few things done – first things first, I need to get the damn texting issue fixed ASAP, I gotta buy some hangers and maybe if I am lucky find someone to give me a full body rub down as my back feels like it is going to rip apart. I need to stop using a pillow.

To everyone reading this I would love for you to send me movie … not requests… but… wtf is the other thing called… the word escapes me.. OH YES.. recommendations.  Seeing as it is cold outside and I will not have much to do for the next couple of weeks I’d love to watch some movies that people really enjoyed.  You can either post them here as comments or facebook them to me but preferably not anything “epic-y” like Lord of the Rings as there is too much grey and weird ass names/words.  I had to start watching it with subtitles to keep up with all this Saruman and Soroman shit.  *direct question for Raul—have you seen Lord of the Rings? Because Gollum whose name is now Seamgol just said “we must go now” and I almost dyed of laughter because I imagined you and your creepy voice saying it* 

Question for all those who have seen LOTR—ok so you know how Saruman—the dude with the long white hair—started birthing those… warrior creatures from the mud… to make his ultimate army of fighters… and he like made tens of thousands of them… WHYYYYYY THEN didn’t the good guys do the same? Is it because good army people cant be birthed out of the mud? So get some nice white Cuban sand or something! Birth them out of swan feathers—I don’t know! Do something instead of grabbing a couple of 4 foot hobbits and a crook eyed, overly masculine, overly blood thirsty gremlin/dwarf master to fight an army of evil mud creatures!!  

I just finished watching the complete LOTR saga and lemme just say that i will never ever be able to get those 10+ hours of my life back. Thank you very much to all the hobbits, gollums and fire eyes that made this possible!  


  1. u can watch ACBO PLUS if u want movies ;)

  2. here are some link's, maybe they help u