Thursday, March 15, 2012

Everything's Comin' Up Milhouse!

Life has only gotten better and better these past few weeks.  The weather over here is getting much warmer which means I am slowly but surely regaining some of my sanity.  Over Easter break I am going to go to Hungary/Romania and surprise my grandmother with a heart attack (and possibly a red decorative egg).  I’m really looking forward to seeing some family.

The social situation is getting much better as well.  I’ve made some new friends as well as had some old ones regrow on me. It was a friends birthday this past Saturday. Super duper awesome party :) It's about time we shook something all night long. (I hope someone gets the 80s reference).  I got to do another panel 2 weeks ago to 88 people.  (And I thought I had a big group!)  I was over the moon when Tamara called and asked if I wanted to do another one seeing as the one I last did had such positive reviews.  There were too many people to make the kind of impact I think I made on the last group but you can’t win ‘em all.

I really can’t wait for it to be Spring already—to see everything in bloom, green and alive again—it makes me giddy just thinking about it.  I’m in the processes of looking for a bike; possibly one with training wheels seeing as the only image I have of myself near a bicycle goes back to when I was 8 and my parents got me one for my birthday.  Let me just say that the first wall I saw, was also the last thing I saw, seeing as rode straight into.

There have been some funny one liners coming my way which I want to share really only so I remember them when I’m old, grey and keep forgetting my teeth in the dishwasher.  We were at a restaurant and had a group of Georgian “men” send us over a round of beers.  We thanked them but as per usual the relentlessness of a Georgian man never stops there.  So one of them comes over and offers to show us around Rustavi—it then turns out that he just MOVED there 4 days ago *crickets* I’ve been here for about 6 months.  There is not much you can show me that I already haven’t seen or don’t already know about.  Luckily, one of the guys who claimed to  be Jay-Z *crickets* sensed our desperation to get rid of our uninvited guest (aka his friend) and offered to switch positions with him. "Jay-Z come join us!” “One minute, this toast is for our wives”. Another great one liner from him was when his buddy was going on and on about how he is going to show us around to which I point blank said “The men over here are so relentless. You never take no for an answer” *cue Jay-Z that heard none of this conversation aside from my mentioning men* he looks up from the next table and goes* “Georgian men are the best, yes?”

Last Saturday was spent with Kiyoshi walking aimless around Tbilisi.  It was a grand ol’ time as a found a charger for my camera but then realized that my battery was the problem and not really the charger. *le sigh* I’ll figure it out at some point.  We found a place that serves sandwiches.  I really miss sandwiches—a lot more then I could ever articulate.  I also miss Sushi. When I get home, I’m going to have non-stop sushi sandwiches to make up for all the lost time I had with my 2 long lost loves.

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