Thursday, March 29, 2012


Last weekend we ended up at Ethnic Bar.  I haven't been there since mid February and  I really think that my first few weeks back were really bad because I kept going there.  That place is so drab.  It’s the same thing every freakin’ time.  Overcrowding, no real dancing space coupled with meh music.  I really can’t explain how much better it is in this country when the cold weather isn’t molesting you everywhere you are.  With the weather getting nicer, I’ll be able to escape the wrath that is Ethnic Bar and go off and do my own thing in the club district while I diva it up *finger snap* The only good thing that came out of going to the “tomb of doom” was getting one of the best laughs I’d had in a while.  So imagine this, you are in a semi-crowded bar, people more or less everywhere and there is a smaller rectangular room off to the side that houses a big long thick wooden table.  On the side furthest in you see a couple very heavily making out and on the other side of the table closest to the door, they are beautifully framed by 2 others in a hard-core game of chess. *crickets* I’d never seen anything like that in my life and I’m from Romania folks—I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff in my time.  My real question is… WHO PLAYS CHESS IN A BAR ON A SATURDAY NIGHT?! Imagine how LAME a bar has to be that it is 2 in the morning and you are playing chess. 

On a more interesting note, one of my girlfriends is teaching the police in Rustavi.  Wednesday night around 7 is our usual date night time but due to some very random circumstances we ended up meeting at 8 last night—in the mean time she ran into one of her “students” and he ended up taking us out.  It was a surprisingly entertaining night seeing as there was a massive language barrier in play but everything that needed understanding was understood as it always is.  It also turns out that he is cousins with one of my beloved co-teachers.  What a small world! Teaching police also sounds like damn fun minus the fact that it isn’t as rewarding as teaching children. Today in my favourite grade 3 class-- aka Goga's class-- I got to teach them Mr. Sun-- my favourite song of all!! There seems to be a sunshine theme in my life seeing as I also am a big fan of 'You are My Sunshine'.  Not only did I have them singing but I also had them learn the choreography to it too.  Yes there is a "dance" and I will be happy to show anyone that is interested what it looks like.  I also had some grade 1s reading today—stuff like that makes my day.  I’m in a really big mood to find some Dr. Seuss books or activities and bring that sunshine into their minds.  Granted, my co-teacher would have to translate but we haven’t had story time ever in the class.  I FREAKIN’ LOVED STORY TIME when I was their age.  Actually let me not even lie though, I was obsessed with The Cat in the Hat even as a high school-er.  I’d like to thank my mom for putting up with my craziness seeing I was 17 years old and had a Cat in the Hat bed spread, night lamp, drapes, wallet, backpack and the list legit goes on!

Tomorrow I am going to be watching a Georgian play rendition of A Clockwork Orange.  In all fairness, I tried watching the movie a few months back; 20 minutes in I’m like I don’t get it so I downloaded subtitles and continued watching the English version of the movie with ENGLISH subtitles and still had zero clue what was going on so I gave up and took a nap.  So the play should be interested, I think I’ll just go in enjoying the movement on stage rather than the story being told—I have no clue if that even made any sense.  I like to try new things now and then.  Since there is only so much I can sleep or entertain myself on the internet a day, I’ve started to make dream catchers in my free time.  Yup.  Dream catchers.  I am totally digging doing it but I am having a very hard time finding circles.  There are only so many hoop earrings and bracelets a girl can find in Georgia and I want to make bigger ones!  I made one out of a hose/pipe tightener last week but it wasn’t as pretty as I’d wished.  Sorry Kiyoshi for the ugly birthday present. Then again, they don't call me Herta "MacGyver" Bolgar for anything.  Really Herta? MacGyver? Who calls you MacGyver?!
(I totally see the resemblance) 

I did another panel last week *shines nails on shirt* Not that I’m keeping tally or anything but that is my 3rd one in a row *shines nails to an even shiner gleam*.  It was a group of 8.  YEAH. 8.  It was so weird seeing as the last one was massive. Earlier this week, my regional representative texted me to let me know that I am doing a wonderful job at school.  Let me back pedal here a bit for some clarification.  Every month I am required to fill out a report about the school and my co-teachers.  It basically about how things are going, what needs improvement, what we are doing, how we are doing it etc and my principle also fills out a monthly report about me.  Turns out I’m doing such a good job that it needed to be mentioned to me which makes me soooo happy.  I was over the moon when I got that text message.  I don’t do what I do to be recognized, I do it because I care and because I am passionate about the kids but it is always feels good to have your efforts to be acknowledged by a third party.  

I am so excited, next week at this time I will legit be in Hungary with one of my beloved cousins.  12 days of pure bliss.  I seriously can’t wait because every time I think about it, I get butterflies.  I’ve really been limiting the amount of time I spend thinking about seeing him.  I can’t believe it is almost April.  WOW. How the hell did that happen?  Next time I blink, it’s gonna be my birthday and when I unblink from that school will be over and I’m going to get to see my number 1 papa bear in the Ro-of-mania.  Life is good.  Correction.  Life is incredible and I hate that I lost sight of that when I hit a low earlier this year.  “But I know somehow, that only when it is dark enough, can you see the stars.”


  1. Haha, "Tomb of Doom." Perfect.

    And I am so with you on waiting for that warmer weather. Any day now please...

  2. Ya ... I see the resemblance! Love reading your blog :)