Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's the Final Countdown?

I haven’t blogged in some time.  Too much stuff has happened since my last blog.  I made some really good friends via a panel I did back in April.  I’ve officially done 5 of them so far! I think I deserve some kind of sash!  TLG has been on my back lately about extending my contract until December—which includes finding an apartment if I wish to stay.  Temptations all around me.
(Sarah, I and Jordan in Gelati) 
My grade 1s are graduating today, it so amazing to see how much they have grown and developed these past few months.  I think I’ve learned more than they have! I’ve grown so much as a person and teacher thanks to them.  I’ve discovered that songs and movement really help the learning process with younger kids.  I’ve learned that I have a lot more patience then I ever expected.  I learned that just about the same time you are ready to give up or lose your mind—one of them do something that put the wind back in your sails and the glimmer back in your eyes.  It is insane how much of an influence these kiddos had on my life! I thought them so many songs, most of which they sang at their graduation.  It was hard fighting back the tears.  What an incredible feeling. Indescribable really.

I have just a little under a month still left at school.  My lord how time flies. I can’t believe it is almost June already. It is so exciting thinking – wow girl, you did it. But now the fear of where you going next kicks in.  I’ve started to apply to places here and there with no response yet.  I know what my heart of hearts wants to do so I might just figure following that? We will see how it goes.  I have my flight back to Toronto booked for August 9th.  How long I’m actually going to stay in Canada until I move on again is going to be rather short. How short? Only time will tell. But I’m keeping up head up, my heart strong and my opinions open.

I really want to thank all the people back home that have been there for me this past year.  Thank you for the support, kind words and encouragement for chasing my dream around this crazy world of ours.  I’ve really learned to live with no regrets and change what I don’t like.  If one door closes, there are millions more that will open. View yourself with kindsight. Stop beating yourself up for things in the past. Instead of slapping your forehead and asking “What was I thinking?” breathe and ask: “What was I learning?”

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