Thursday, October 20, 2011

We wander for distraction but travel for fulfilment.

I've been having a really great week at school this week.  There is this little boy in grade 3 that has officially stolen my heart.  He was the first kid to give me a hug at school a couple of weeks back.  Then earlier in the week he ran over to me after class and gave me a kiss.  I can’t believe that once I am a teacher in Canada I will not be “allowed” to get this type of affection.  Why can’t I pat a kid on the head for doing something good or rub their back when they are giving up or struggling through something?  The kids here react very well to loving touch.  There are times when they are bouncing off the walls and a simple rub on the back or face can calm them right down.  Anyway, back to the new owner of my heart.  Today he ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug ever as I was walking through the halls with one of my co-teachers.  I turn to her and go “I love this little guy” and she’s like “Really? He is such a trouble maker and teachers hate it when he is in their class.”  Listen friends, this little guy just wants to see that someone cares about him.  I have seen his trouble maker side, the first couple of days I taught him but the second I started spending just a bit more time with him, he calmed down.  He is never troublesome in my class. 

I really love teaching and I don’t know why I haven’t written about it so far.  I guess it is because it is coming so naturally and feels so good that there is nothing to “report” on.  A couple of my co-teachers say they love my methods and how I interact with the little ones.  I got about 6 letters this week—all from little girls saying how they love me, and how they want to be like me when they grow up.   Some days are harder and it feels like I am getting now where.  Then there are other days, when you go into a grade 2 class and they are singing “You Are My Sunshine”. GRADE 2!! They haven’t learned English before and they are bringing me to tears because that song is so close to my heart!  *I am actually tearing up as I am writing this* I live for this stuff friends, I really do and I can’t believe it took me this long to get my ass in gear.  I remember when I was in grade 2, we had a student teacher.  I loved him so much. He taught me about the solar system and the color wheel—both things that I still know very well to this day. I totally remember the day he left, I literally ran home crying.  I don’t remember his name but it’s crazy how someone has such an influence on your life as a child and I am sure they don’t even realize it.  I’m sure that that is gonna happen here too—where there is that one child that I have an influence on and they will remember me for the rest of their life and I wont even know it.   I have never been so fulfilled in my life.  

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