Thursday, October 13, 2011

"The speedometer doesn't work"

Honestly, not much has happened since my post.  I feel much better! My ear is still a touch plugged but it seems to be getting better—either that or I’m just used to being deaf.  After being chained to my bed for 3 days I was ready to bust out once the weekend hit.  I went to Tbilisoba (its the festival day for the city-- kinda like “happy birthday” to Tbilisi but not) It was super crowded and busy.  Eva, I and a couple of other friends ended up at German Bar (a hooka place in Old Tbilisi) and we discovered the most delicious wine on the PLANET!  If I could drink this stuff all day, every day, I would.  Petey, a fellow TLGer from out of town, is walking around alone "taking a breather" from his host family.  He then goes onto explain how much booze he had during the day and how sick he was “I was hugging a Turkish toilet” (for anyone that doesn’t know what a Turkish toilet is, I pity you and your rich self—Google that shit. HA! Literally) I’m trying to think of funny stories but there really aren’t any other then Eva getting face raped by a random guy (who we later found out has a kid—everyone here seems to have been married with a child and divorced by 23). 

On Sunday we (Eva, Siri, her host family and I) went to Mtskheta. Yup, figure out how to pronounce that! I know your jealous I can *shines nails on shirt*.  It is a town about 30 minutes outside of Tbilisi. INSANE DRIVING.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage site with remains that have dated been dated back to earlier then 1000.  It was also the capital of Georgia back when Georgia wasn't even Georgia.  It was nice but when you see one church in Georgia— you've kinda seen them all.  I just really don’t get how they keep building these things up on the side of mountains.  If I was a back in the day church pioneer, I really would have spoken up. “Yes, yes I understand that this is beautiful and the view is incredible Mr. High Priest but your ass hasn't carried a single 40 ton BOULDER up the side of this or any of the other 5 mountains we've built 500 churches on!”

On Monday, we were enjoying some Jesus Juice and decided to go check out the bumper cars in Rustavi.  Let me just tell you that I had a shit load of fun, half-drunk just driving around feeling mighty Asian as I slammed into everyone I could.   I seem to find myself drinking a lot here.  I guess it’s because there is nothing better to do after school.  We work hard, we play hard.  I’m typically “tanked” by 6 in the afternoon.  Boy that sounds really sad. BUT IM NOT DRINKING ALONE.  I should have mentioned that before.  This is the most boring uneventful post ever. 

I can’t believe it is already Wednesday! We have a long weekend here because of Mshketoba- similar to Tbilisoba but different.  The holiday is essentially a veneration of God from the Sventitskhoveli Cathedral by the Goerigan Orthodox Church.  The creation of the Cathedral is based on Georgian "myth" that some dude named Eliazar, a citizen of Mtskheta, was present during the crucifixion of Jesus. Bla Bla Bla. Somehow he got a piece of Jesus' robe and brought it back.  Enough of my wiki history lesson.  It’s Clare’s birthday weekend and I am super excited about seeing my lovely ladies.  We plan on being in Tbilisi and having day trips to Signahi and maybe other places.   To be honest, I just want to chill and relax.  I’m old, weak and I seem to have started farting dust. 


  1. all ur posts don't have to have funny stories, you're funny as is. *shines nails on shirt* don't worry, wine is great and ur least it ain't alone...i love u so so much!

  2. I love all the pictures! I like reading about your adventures, when are we going to see you in traditional or typical Georgian attire :p xoxo