Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All Hallows Eve

Halloween weekend in Tbilisi really was not as fun as I had expected.  I hate building things up in my mind and then being let down—that probably explains why I have such low expectations. Anyway, I dressed up as Mr. Jolly—a character from the first English World Book (the shitty book we use to teach).  Best Costume Ever! But when Halloween isn’t an event or even holiday in Georgia, you look mighty crazy walking around with baby powder in your hair and eyebrows in the middle of a Saturday night while everyone else is in fashion-ista gear. 

Friday, Duncan and I took the marsh into Tbilisi together, got to Big Star hostel and chilled for a little bit with his lady love and some other chick that is RATHER bland.  Next thing I know I am in the room with bland-o for what seemed like eternity and I realize that these fools “left me in the room to DIE”. I find the love birds and invite myself along to their date but decide not to be a cock blocker for too long and go chill with the rugby crew.

(Not a wig, its a hat. A hat that I MUST have)

Saturday I got to sleep in until 2—it felt like heaven! I got up, hung out then went to a late lunch / early dinner with Nikhil (a friend I met in training).  We swap Georgia stories and polish off a bottle of delicious semi-sweet red wine. I then head back to the hostel to get ready for what I thought was going to be an EPIC night. As I am getting ready, I start to meet new TLGers which is always interesting as you never know what you are going to get.  I am really interested to meet the people that DID NOT qualify to teach in Georgia because there seem to be PLENTY of “all-star” characters in the mix.  BOOGLES THE MIND.   There is a mini pre-party at the hostel and I get to meet my internet “arch nemesis”.  This dude is from Welsh and as loonie as they come.  *pause* Is welsh the country or is welsh what you are when you come from Welshland? Anyway, after a few beers, I tell him that I think he is crazy as fuck but that we should get over our rivalry—as long as he tones down the “I’m a proud Welsh person bullshit”.  By this time, the majority of the people that were at the pre-party left to go elsewhere; I am secretly happy as I was in no mood to spend my night with them.  ISSUE! Once we are ready to go, we have lost the ENTIRE crowd which means we are going from place to place, checking things out LOOKING LIKE A SMALL PACK OF LUNATICS—with masks on and baby powdered ass hair.  We slowly but surely, give up and head over to my favourite hooka bar. Yes friends, the one with the tattooed arm boy. LOVE HIM.  By this point, I order a beer, slowly sip it but I feel SOOOOOOOOO SICK. Time to call it a night!

(this is my only picture of the night!)

What’s a weekend in Tbilisi without a RUGBY GAME; so on Sunday, I went to see one. BORING. I spent the entire time texting and calling people.  Later, Duncan and I thought it would be a good idea to spend the night in Tbilisi and just go to school straight in the morning. BAD IDEA. I could not wake him up for the life of me, so I then left him… TO DIE… in Tbilisi and slowly but surely made my way back to the RU just in time for school.
Monday night then rolls around and I think I am going to have a nice, relaxing quiet night in. WRONG. I get some dates mixed up and realize that Kathryn (the chick that I switched spots with back in training) is flying back into Tbilisi TONIGHT.  Her grandpa had passed away 2 weeks back so she had left urgently to attend the funeral.  I did not want her coming back into Georgia with no familiar face at the airport.  So BACK I went to Tbilisi. I met up with Lora, another friend who was there to greet her and hung out at Friends Hostel until her 4am flight came in.  It was so nice seeing her! She was so surprised! We headed over to our favourite place and enjoyed some wine at 5:30 in the morning.  I got to see an awesome sunrise on my marsh ride home.  Good times in Georgia!

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  1. Welsh is what you are if you come from Wales!!! LMFAO!!!