Monday, November 7, 2011

sakhlshi gogos

Friday after school, I spent the afternoon trying to sleep. TRYING being the key term.  If it wasn’t people calling me, it was text messages making my phone go off every 20 minutes.  I felt like I was back in Toronto—not in a good way. Why I didn’t just turn it off you ask—what if someone was getting killed is my question to you. YOU EVER THINK OF THAT?! So after about 2 hours of struggling to sleep and getting more and more angry at my phone I decided it was time to get up, get ready and head to Tbilisi to hang out with a friend I hadn’t seen in a few weeks. Once I am in Tbilisi it takes us (I kid you not) 30 minutes to find each other since I do not know how to describe my whereabouts on the phone—apparently, “I’m standing next to the massive concrete asteroid hole that is covered by metal” wasn’t clear enough.  We then enjoy some food, wine and a cup of tea.
Saturday KUTAISI day! I get to see Erica and Clare with my main goooogoooo Eva.  We get to the station around 11ish and off we go on a lovely marsh to Kutaisi around noon.  The ride was relatively pleasant.  I got to take a nap while our driver blared a mix between Georgian music and possibly a variety show he had taped 20 years ago.  We get to Kutaisi around 4ish to find home girls (sakhlshi gogos) hanging out at Mcdonalds (one of the only interesting local attractions), hung over and about 3 minutes… HA… away from death.  We run into some other TLGers who are so quiet that I am sure they had developed an intricate code of blinks to communicate.  “What do they talk about AIR?” We get to see the lovely Katherine and Lora, hang out for 5 minutes and go off to find Giorgi’s Homestay.  Once there we get comfortable, we swap some stories about how Erica is a cock blocker and other entertaining events.

(my thumb looks like a penis)

“I don’t know how or why you put up with her; I would literally just fart AT her.  I do it to guests at the restaurant when I want them to leave.  If you are ever eating out and smell something weird, its most likely that the servers do not like you.”  During this time we hear very odd noises outside that turn out to be aliens prepping our room for an invasion. We get ready and go out to dinner.  Dinner was great as we found ourselves at a random restaurant with live music but no singing until an old man was opera-ing later on. They had some chicken salad that was out of this world.  Luckily, we were almost done eating by the time Georgian Andrea Bocelli came on. 

(If IKEA made furniture out of rocks)

(dancing partner)

 We head back to the homestay as we know we have a long day ahead of us as we were planning to check out these super cool caves and dinosaur footprints in Satapila (about 7km away).

Sunday we wake up to hear the most intense rain ever. Bye bye, dinasour footprints L I aint walking around in the rain looking like some rejected frog.  So we slowly, but surely get up head back to the same restaurant from the previous night for the chicken salad.  We then hop on the #1 bus which takes us back to McDonalds (which also happens to be the marsh station).  The ride to Tbilisi was just leaving so we quickly say our goodbye and hop on a huge double decker tour bus.  Eva and I get on, and of course I fall asleep like I always do. I wake up to the feeling that I am sliding so I sit up and notice that my seat is LITERALLY not attached to the bus—so if I was let’s say a chicken, I could lay an egg and it would just fall down into *hopefully* a soft pillow waiting on the floor.  I then move seats to sit right next to Eva... and during one of the tour bus stops a man sits RIGHT next to me even though there was an empty spot next to him. For the following 2 hours I had to endure his elbow in my side, my hands by my "butt thigh" and finally him using my thigh as an arm rest.  Initially I was annoyed and kept moving away.  It would seem like he got the point until he would change his touching tactics.  By the end, Eva and I were literally in hysterics laughing at how ridiculous he was. After almost 6 hours on this brutal bus we finally get to Tbilisi and hopped on a marsh back to Rustavi amazed that we got nothing accomplished other then getting felt up by a man that was half bird.

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